helin for dummies

Warning! This book can be read, from the first page to the last, and it fucking works, but reading it that way may cause severe brain damages in persons who are not used to brainstorming. I cannot be held responsible for any such damages. So I recommend minor dozes, start anywhere and read as much as you can tolerate, and it bloody fucking hell works that way too, cause it’s been written to work any fucking way you read it. You can also read this book for years, and you’ll find every fucking time something new, cause it’s been made to work so. Warning! The creator of this book has a very dry, whimsical, often sarcastic sense of humor. Therefore, this book is not safe for reading by the Humor Impaired or the Sarcastically Disadvantaged (or by the incurably stupid with a chip on their shoulder, for that matter – you know who you are). Reading this may cause severe mental trauma in persons who must live with these sort of challenges. I cannot be held responsible for any Pun Trauma or PSS (Post Stress Syndrome) or other sarcasm-induced difficulties which could be suffered by unwary readers. If you are unable to take any cultural etc. references, a joke, and are unable to recognize tongue-in-cheek whimsy and/or obvious sarcasm, or are otherwise Humor Impaired – please leave this book if you feel yourself becoming confused, angry, or otherwise disoriented. This book also contains lots and lots of fucking dirty language. But it also took tens and tens of years hard work to get this far in languages, culture and pottery, so at least try to show a little more respect. Warning! If you don’t get references, threads, endless themes and their variations, if you don’t understand nothing, don’t blame the book or me, blame yourself, your poor education, lousy “literature” you’ve read this far, your mama, papa Freud, any fucking idiot or ideological idiotism you want – and if you still feel confused, angry, or otherwise disoriented – fuck you bugger, maybe you better kill yourself – immediately. – So what’s this all about then, I give you four names, if you read/listen to them carefully, you may understand a little more: Charles-Valentin Alkan, Kaikhosru Sorabji, Conlon Nancarrow – and last but not least beast: James Joyce and his Finnegans – btw, this “how to read that fucking asshole helin for dummies” can be adapted to reading Finnegans Wake too.


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