Warning! The creator of this blog has a very dry, whimsical, often sarcastic sense of humor. Therefore, this blog is not safe for reading by the Humor Impaired or the Sarcastically Disadvantaged (or by the incurably stupid with a chip on their shoulder, for that matter — you know who you are). Reading this may cause severe mental trauma in persons who must live with these sort of challenges. I cannot be held responsible for any Pun Trauma or PSS (Post Stress Syndrome) or other sarcasm-induced difficulties which could be suffered by unwary readers. If you are unable to take a joke, unable to recognize tongue-in-cheek whimsy and/or obvious sarcasm, or are otherwise Humor Impaired, please leave this blog if you feel yourself becoming confused, angry, or otherwise disoriented. This site also contains dirty language ie. words & Explicit Lyrics/Content


When you see the word Explicit or the icon [PA] on our service attached to a blog or homepage, this is our notice to parents that recordings identified with the logo contain strong language or depictions of violence, sex or substance abuse.


Thank you.


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