This is a new start… maybe… or beginning of the end, cause of death… don’t know, and don’t care ass shit ‘n’ fuck… i wont write pottery here (fingers crossed), tis no use, nobody reads my poshery, nobody needs it, understands or not even tries to understand it any more… maybe i write a lot from things happenin a round and in Xyz… maybe not… The old “Work in Progress”-blog is available… at least for a time boeing… in pdf-format (1907 pages) here… ich maa nichts, süss…

Hell ‘o’ heck from Work in Progress v2.0, ‘hour exact round his fucktification for incaminaction of dork in zero’ – pyrin käyttämään v2.0:ssa suomen kieltä (rikon sääntöä tietenkin sen minkä ehdin), muut kuin mahd runohölötykset menevät sivupalkin ‘Pages’ alle – inglesiläinen blogi löytyy täältä, molemmat on ilmoitettu myös Erkon glögilistalle…

“Ephemeral: 1398, originally a medical term, from M.L. ephemera (febris) “(fever) lasting a day,” from fem. of ephemerus, from Gk. ephemeros “lasting only one day,” from epi “on” + hemerai, dat. of hemera “day,” from PIE *amer- “day.” Sense extended to short-lived insects and flowers; general sense of “transitory” is first attested c.1639. Ephemeral is from 1576. Ephemeris “table of astronomical calculations” is from 1551.” – “Hypomnema (Greek. υπομνημα, plural υπομνηματα, hypomnemata), also spelled hupomnema, is a Greek word with several translations into English: a reminder, a note, a public record, a commentary, a draft, a copy, and other variations on those terms.”

Le Libé des écrivains -lehdessä joku on sanonut, että blogit ovat ‘elektronisia huutohuoneita’. Ranskan sana ‘gueuloir’ on Gustave Flaubertin nimi toimistolle, jossa hän kävi huutamassa lauseitaan testatakseen niiden tyylin kestävyyttä.

‘Nebyloje’ is russian and means approx y mate ly ’something that wasn´t there at all’.

The creator of this blog has a very dry, whimsical, often sarcastic sense of humor. Therefore, this blog is not safe for reading by the Humor Impaired or the Sarcastically Disadvantaged (or by the incurably stupid with a chip on their shoulder, for that matter — you know who you are). Reading this may cause severe mental trauma in persons who must live with these sort of challenges. I cannot be held responsible for any Pun Trauma or PSS (Post Stress Syndrome) or other sarcasm-induced difficulties which could be suffered by unwary readers. If you are unable to take a joke, unable to recognize tongue-in-cheek whimsy and/or obvious sarcasm, or are otherwise Humor Impaired, please leave this blog if you feel yourself becoming confused, angry, or otherwise disoriented. This site also contains dirty language ie. words & Explicit Lyrics / Content.

Special Warning! All Nonanists (Nono) & other hypocrites, all you foggin beasty beauty lovers i.e. anesthesia aesthetics! fuck off, cuz i gonna fuck a fuckin lot!

Süss… pulvis ättät gmail piste com

Hear´s My PGP Key.


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