nimismiehen kiharat
routapilvet totuudet kaikki
heidän mustasukkaisuutensa
jotka peri censorius


said rf

You see, one thing is, I can live with doubt, and uncertainty, and not knowing. I think it’s much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things. But I’m not absolutely sure of anything, and there are many things I don’t know anything about, such as whether it means anything to ask why we’re here, and what the question might mean. I might think about it a little bit; if I can’t figure it out, then I go onto something else. But I don’t have to know an answer. I don’t feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost in the mysterious universe without having any purpose, which is the way it really is, as far as I can tell — possibly. It doesn’t frighten me.

mäntyjen tällä puolen
kunne katseheni nakkaan
kysyntä ja tarjonta nussivat
kukkakaan enää käytä flaksia
itse itsensä amalgaami
herrasmiesrouvas ei puhu
ei pussaa sontiaisen
kela vetää blossii
värttinä vaikuttaa
korvani kun se laulaa
sydämensä kyllyy
destiasta tuuttini
tuulettaa hertsiensä