second posting

fudge… it ain’t hat difficult, ppl nagging abt lacking high ascii and still fucking writing it low


hats w hat

okay the order of the day
eyes open mouth shut
call id molecule or sun
powered reloadable paper
i gotta warn you
the eighth hole is murder
find a third party
oh yeah you want
to make it interesting
great tee time 7 am sharp
prepare to have
your ass handed to you
let’s ditch the thesaurus
all right
you talking about a hit man
assuming that’s still
what they’re called
zzzzt wrong answer
that’s what the kids
call epic fail
look if you held
my feet to the fire
and find a guy who’s
not an undercover cop
or some kind of survivalist
nut-job wannabe
you gotta ask yourself
how good is good enough
because whatever goomba we buy
at some point is gonna
come head-to-head
with our friend